3 ways to reclaim 520 hours every year

If you’re anything like me, you have to constantly struggle to keep up with the ever-changing technology world and social media. Here are a couple of new ways that I save time every day that add up to save me hours a week:

Hello Launch Ticker, Goodbye Google Reader
I realized, very quickly, that I could spend all day reading Google Reader feeds I subscribed to and see the same thing over and over. Launch Ticker solves that problem by having a live-updating Google Doc that two people manually curate. The function is a lot better than the form, but that’s not what’s important here. They also take all of the news of the day and email it to you.

If you haven’t heard of Launch Ticker, head over there right now.

I still use Google reader to read about non-tech items (how could I miss out on reading Spit Blood every day?).

This saves me about 4 hours/week.

Yearly savings: 208 Hours

Use a Virtual Assistant
What would you do with an assistant? What if I told you it could be extremely affordable? Look no further than Fancy Hands, the service I use as my Virtual Assistant. I’ve used several virtual assistants in the past, but Fancy Hands is by far the best. Here’s why: all of the assistants are based in the US. This makes it MUCH easier for them to get your tasks done. Here are a couple of things I’ve had them do over the past couple of days:

  • Add meetings to my calendar (I was traveling and not able to access it easily).
  • Call Central Market to see if they carried a particular item.
  • Make several different doctor appointments. It took 6 calls to make an appointment with one particular doctor (stupid appendix).
  • Do research on media spending in the US.

This saves me about 5 hours/week.

Yearly savings: 260 Hours

Manage emails with Otherinbox
I’ve talked about Otherinbox in other blog posts about how to (manage email). Otherinbox works with your existing email account and simply creates a folder for all of the emails that are not from real people (i.e. all of the travel emails, GAP Coupons and Facebook notices). You can train Otherinbox to work exactly the way you like it.

Saves about 1 hour/week.

Yearly savings: 52 hours.

Overall, these three tactics save me over 520 hours every year. ┬áThat’s 13 extra 40-hour work weeks every year. Wouldn’t you like more time? Try out some of these tactics, too:

  • Work out less – you don’t need to work out as much as you think. Ready Body by Science for a deep-dive that you can understand.
  • Batch email. Don’t check it all day long.
  • Live close to work.
  • Get up earlier.
  • Don’t watch as much TV – but watch some.
  • Don’t check Facebook and Twitter as often.

What little things make a huge impact in your life?