7 Things You Should Know (Monday Edition)


1. What was behind the tasteless Kim Kardashian/Auora tweet last week (below)? Turns out the company behind the tweet outsourced their social media to a non-US company.

2.  It costs $450 in marketing to make someone buy a $49 Nokia Lumia. I guess that’s not a positive ROI. Obviously, this doesn’t count the elevated brand perception and earned media, but interesting, none-the-less.

3. Jack Daniel’s Sends the Most Polite Cease-and-Desist Letter Ever. As someone who has got a cease-and-desist letter (or two), I’d love to get one like this. I’m sure the lawyers will be getting more business from this. Lawyers, getting more business from being human? Who would have guessed?!

4. Are you ADD/ADHD? Then try working on your working memory. Studies show increasing your working memory can make you less ADHD. What is working memory? I use Lumosity. There are also a couple of great iPhone Apps to help increase your working memory.

5. Are you a super-athlete? Or want to be? Check out Ubersense. It allows you to record swings, hits, and jumps and overlay graphics.

6. Ads are coming to your favorite NBA team’s uniforms. I hope they do some creative ones.

7. How much water should you drink? Did you know the 8 glasses a day has no scientific backing?

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