The Bare Necessities For Newborns

Having a baby is difficult. Not just the physical birth part (I hear that’s rough, too). But there’s so much “stuff” out there for babies – what kind of video monitor do I get? What toys? What are the bare necessities for my newborn?
My wife and I are self-proclaimed life hackers. We like to get the most from the least. We don’t like unnecessary items. We would rather buy 1 nice thing that 10 pieces of junk.  Here is our must have list of new items for dads (and moms).
There is no shortage of stuff you can by your baby. You’ll, no doubt, error on the side of WAY too much stuff. Here are the top products Jessica and I agree on for new parents:
  1. Boppy Newborn Lounger – Teddy spent much of his baby life either in the lounger or in someone’s arms.
  2. Angelcare Video Monitor – You know me, I’m a techie. There are some more sophisticated ones out there, but this has a separate monitor display (you won’t want your phone to be on all the time) and a motion sensor that checks if the little one is breathing.
  3. Nipple Shield – Odd for a dude to send another dude something involving nipples, but your wife will thank you.
  4. Miracle Blanket for now and the Magic Sleepsuit for later. This is how Teddy sleeps through the night (more later on that…)
  5. Babybjorn – I was the last person that would ever recommend this…until I had one. It’s easy to carry the little one around and doesn’t hurt your back.
  6. Sophie the Giraffe. Our little guy has approximately 10,000 plastic toys. He plays with this one 95% of the time.
Clothes: Only buy stuff that zips all the way up and down. No buttons! They are a big pain! Carter’s has super-cheap clothes – only buy on a sale, and sign up for their emails. It’s CRAZY how cheap they are.
Diapers: Whatever you do, don’t get Honest Company Diapers. We had terrible luck with them working (as in, holding in pee and poop – you had one job, diapers!). We now use Huggies. Costco usually has the best price.
I hope I don’t jinx it, but Teddy has pretty much slept through the night since about week two (I know…crazy). The recipe:
  • Jessica pumps every night.
  • Teddy gets a bottle from the night before, ever night. He’s a bit lazy when it comes to eating, so this forces him to eat a bit more and fill his tummy for the night. He couldn’t eat enough naturally. When he got a bit older, we started adding half to a full scoop of formula.
  • Put him in a Miracle Blanket or Magic Sleep Suit.
  • Have some sort of routine – could be bath -> eat -> sleep. We sing Teddy the same song every night and it knocks him out with a full belly.
  • Blackout curtains + sound machine (this was so awesome we got it for our room, too) + fully belly + swaddle = great success!
Our biggest issue, early on, was not letting Teddy nap enough. We thought we needed to keep him engaged, but he really probably just needed more naps.
I’ll update the blog with new products/ideas as Teddy gets older.

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