Cool Product Alert: The Fitbit Aria Wireless Scale

I’ve been a huge FitBit fan for a long time now. For those of your not familiar with the FitBit, it wirelessly tracks your activity throughout the day (and even your sleep at night). Think of it as a pedometer on crack. Whenever you walk near a syncing station, it sends the information, automatically, to the FitBit site. You can then graph out your day in terms of activity. This allows you to see how active you are – but until now, there wasn’t an easy way to track how it was working.

FitBit has introduced the new FitBit Aria Wireless Scale. I’m not a huge fan of weighing yourself often (because your weight can fluctuate with water intake and muscle weighs more than fat), but what I love about the Aria Wireless Scale is that it measures Body Fat percentage – which is much more important in overall fitness.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to test out and give you a review. TechCrunch has a great review of the Aria Wireless Scale.



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