Did you feel less productive yesterday? You’re not alone.


Was it tough to get up after daylight savings time? Even though it was Monday, was it tough to get through the day? You’re not alone.

A new study looked at the number of workers “cyberloafing” (that was a new term for me, too, don’t worry). Cyberloafing is simply the act of people lounging around the internet, not doing much. Here’s what they found:

After analyzing six years of data from Google, the researchers say that web searches linked to entertainment increased by 3.1 per cent the work day after clocks jumped ahead.

Words like ‘YouTube,’ ‘Facebook’ and ‘ESPN’ spiked in the online giant’s search records.

The time change leads to about 40 minutes of lost sleep that Sunday night, but it’s also linked to about 8.4 minutes – or 20 per cent of the assigned task time – of cyberloafing every hour.

You’re not the only one that struggled to get through yesterday. The biggest reason we struggle is because this is a big change in our Circadian Rhythm – the basic internal alarm clock we all have.

Don’t worry, next Monday won’t be so bad. Oh wait…it will still be Monday.

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