Experimenting with friends is fun.

As I mentioned in my first blog post, this whole thing was inspired by my friend Aaron. I thought “What better way to prove my crazy health stuff works than to prove it with a friend?” I sent Aaron a typical (in my world) email around 1 a.m. – really excited about a new idea. He agreed to testing out some of the ideas I’ve been experiementing with (and finding great results with). He’s even let me make some measurements to track his progress throughout the experiement.

I’m working with Aaron to see if we can get him to lose bodyfat. Aaron works out very regularly and doesn’t eat terribly. I want to see if we can make some very small tweaks to make a very big difference.

I really hate diets because they don’t work if you don’t follow them. I think the biggest key is finding something that you can stick to, live by and enjoy.

Here’s what I’m having Aaron do:

  • Increase his fat intake dramatically. I told him that he can’t eat enough fat. I even let him try some butter from grass-fed cows (straight, just a little salt) – and he liked it.
  • Decrease his carbohydrates dramatically.
  • Stop working out. Period.
  • Practice intermittent fasting. I’m writing up a full blog post about this – but in short, not eating breakfast. He fasts (doesn’t eat) from dinner to late lunch.
  • I’ve encouraged him to take a cheat day – a day where he goes crazy and eats anything (and everything he wants).
  • If he needs to eat carbs (sometimes your body needs a little boost), he can have them during the first meal of the day – but they need to be from potatoes, not from some evil gluten.
  • Every morning, I’m encouraging him to take a tablespoon of MCT Oil ( (coconut oil, basically). This is mostly fat and also helps your body burn fat.
  • I’m also having him take L-Glutamine whenever he feels weak (which will happen when stripping out carbs, especially at the beginning).

That’s it. He’s been on this plan since Monday and I’ll update you on his progress (hopefully ending with a 300-esque six-pack pose at the end).

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      I’ll be writing a post about this in the very near future – but it’s a mistake most people make (including myself). They train and then overfeed. You are actually hurting yourself by eating more than what you “burned” (that’s another blog post, too) and causing yourself to gain fat. Sure, you might gain some muscle – but that doesn’t do any good if you can’t see it over the fat.

      It also requires that your body get more sleep. Nothing wrong with lots of sleep, but your body demands it more when you work out.

      1. I agree with the working out part. I suggest getting to optimum weight, THEN work out. You’ll also see faster results.

        You didn’t mention the timeframe. What is it?

        Is his real name Aaron? 🙂

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          That’s exactly what I’m having him do. I’m working on a full post about why you should stop working out to lose weight. He worked out too much.

          We didn’t specify a timeframe, since we’re trying to find something that sustainable (not a diet, but a lifestyle). I’ll update in two weeks to see how it’s all going. We’re also going to look at some numbers (cholesterol, etc.).

          His name is Aaron, he was an intern at Balcom. 🙂

  1. Ok Chip, can you write another blog post “What exactly gluten is and why it is bad for you.” or am I like the only person that doesn’t already know this?

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