Experimenting Works, Early Results Are In

After just one week, I’ve been working with my friend Aaron, to get more in shape and lose body fat. You can read more about the fitness and health experiments in the earlier blog post.

Here’s the first, early result after one week: he’s lost two inches around his waist. That’s awesome! He’s also given me a bit of feedback and questions that I’ll be answering over the next couple of weeks:

  • Why is gluten bad for you? Is some gluten worse than others?
  • What food should I eat, what should I avoid?
  • Can I have any alcohol while on this program?
  • What are the exact health benefits from this program? Am I just losing weight or am I actually getting healthier?
  • Why should I stop working out? Everyone says I should work out?
  • What is intermittent fasting and why is that important?

Lots of great questions and some amazing first results.Stay tuned to see the answers to the questions above.

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  1. Good job Aaron!! Im trying but its hard (I kinda LOVE carbs) Chip any suggestions on Gluten free recipes? thanks!

  2. Post

    For the most part, I just keep full by eating tons of protein and fat. If I NEED a carb, I go for potatoes. They are gluten free and a lot better for you than processed junk. And try and have the carbs as your first meal of the day.

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