Introducing… 3 Things.

1 Couch.
2 Guys.
3 Things.

This all started as a joke between my buddy Aaron Marez. We were hanging around my house, just chatting, and we wondered, “Would anyone watch this?” So, we decided to come up with a format and just put something out there. It’s by no means perfect, but gives you an idea of what we’re going after.

Here’s a bit more about the show:

In the inaugural episode, Chip Hanna and Aaron Marez discuss the following three things:
1. Who the heck are we?
2. Weight Loss – Everything from the Four Hour Body to Intermittent Fasting.
3. The Olympics – Is it really an #NBCFail? What can the Olympics teach us?

Be on the lookout for new episodes of 3 Things. We’ll be talking about all sorts of hot topics, fitness tips and hopefully just make you smile and think.

Sorry for the not-perfect lighting and sound on this one, we’ll work to get it more awesome in the future.

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