iPad Bed Readers – What’s wrong with America?

I first thought this was a joke. But no, this iPad bed reader is a real Kickstarter project. Fellow bed-loving iPad lovers have pledged over $30,000 to this. Wow.

Here are a couple of the many things wrong with the iPad bed reader:

  • First of all, your bed should be for sleep, not entertainment. In fact, the bright light of a TV (or any electronic device) can disturb your natural sleep patterns. Many sleep professionals think there should be an hour-long digital curfew before you go to bed.
  • How lazy are we that we can’t simply hold an iPad? We need a device that puts in right in front of us?
  • We’re already too connected. We’ve got too many notifications, too many ways to update our Facebook status and too many emails. Use a bed for a time to relax.
  • If you’re married – how about you spend some time with your spouse? Wink, wink.

Here’s, possibly, the biggest reason. So, we don’t turn into these people:

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