More Mind-Blowing Facts About Space Mountain

After I posted the video of Space Mountain with the lights on, I did a little more research into Space Mountain and found some more interesting tibits:

  • The idea came from Walt Disney in mid 60’s as a way to simulate an astronaut’s return trip to Earth.
  • There are four Space Mountains (California, Florida, Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo).
  • The first Space Mountain was opened in DisneyWorld (I always thought the first was at Disneyland), in 1975.
  • Originally, Walt Disney didn’t think that thrill rides had a place in his park. After the Matterhorn opened in Disneyland in 1959, it changed his mind. Space Mountain is a direct descendent of the Matterhorn.
  • A new Matterhorn was first considered for DisneyWorld, but there wasn’t the space (no pun intended) in Fantasy Land. Tomorrowland had enough room for the new attraction, which was built with four tracks to help speed loading and unloading.
  • Tokyo’s Space Mountain was the only Space Mountain to open concurrently with the park, all others were opened years after the park opened.
  • Disneyland Paris originally called the attraction De la Terre à la Lune, but renamed it after a remodel in 2005.
  • The DisneyWorld attraction was originally sponsored by RCA (for $10 million dollars). FedEx sponsored the ride 1994 – 2004, since then, the ride has been sponsor-less.
  • There was a brief period where Disneyland’s Space Mountain was renamed, “Rockin’ Space Mountain.” This featured calm music during the day, and “Rockin'” music at night – a remixed song of Hoobastank (yes, Hoobastank). It was quickly changed to a Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song.
  • It was the first roller coaster to be completely controlled by a computer.
  • Contrary to popular belief, no one has been killed on Space Mountain.

Pretty amazing that a ride can have this many interesting facts around it – at least to me.


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