My Favorite Travel Accessory

My favorite travel accessory may surprise you.

It’s not a MacBook Air, a Mophie Battery Charger or even earplugs. It’s the Jawbone Jambox.

I love music and it’s a shame to miss out on it during a trip. The Jambox has an incredible battery (it last for about a week with regular use) and really good sound from something that’s about the size of two candy bars. Paired with the iPhone’s ability to stream music wirelessly, it’s my go-to travel accessory.

It came in handy a couple of weeks ago at a client sales meeting – we needed a portable speaker for a dance-off. Paired with Spotify, it was perfect.

Jawbone just introduced the BIGJambox, which is more of the same – just, well, bigger. If mine ever dies, I’ll get one of the bigger ones – but I really do enjoy the small travel size.

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