A quick update (May 2017)

4 years in between posts on the old blog. A lot has changed since then…

We bought (and sold) a house in Denver, CO.

I got my Executive MBA (including a trip to South Africa and Rwanda).

We got a dog (Mr. Winnie). I built the website in exchange for said dog.

We moved to Fort Collins, CO.

We built a home Fort Collins, CO.

And most importantly, Jessica and I added Theodore to our life.

Why update the blog now? One big reason is the list of stuff you need as a new dad (or mom). I’ve sent it to several people and they’ve wanted to share it.

It turns out there about 4.2 trillion baby gadgets and products. We tried out a ton and researched to find the best for your little bundle on the way. Hopefully you enjoy and we’ll update as little Nugget gets bigger.

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