Stressed out? Take this pill.

It’s been very, very crazy over at the Balcom Agency. We’ve got a lot going on. On top of that, there’s the rest of my life which is full of  the typical stress like cars not working and guacamole being so expensive at Chiptole.

If you’re anything like me, when you are very busy and stressed, it’s tough to wind down and get your mind to relax. When you get home, you start replaying the day and thinking about what you need to do next. We all need to relax at some point (or else we’ll get sick, high blood pressure, the list goes on and on). With that being said, let me introduce you to my stress-relieving little friend, a natural supplement that will help you relax: GABA.

Even though it sounds like that dancing-queen band, it’s actually an amino acid called gamma aminobutyric acid. Here’s how it works:

  • It’s called an inhibitory neurotransmitter – that simply means that it regulates brain and nerve cell activity by inhibiting the number of neurons firing in the brain.
  • When you’re stressed out, your brain fires neurons at a much higher pace than normal. This is what stops you from being able to “turn it off.”
  • People that suffer for chronic anxiety take GABA all the time. For more information, you can read The Anxiety Cure.
  • I only take GABA on days when I’m stressed out (and only in the evening – some very anxious people take it through the day).
  • Since it calms the brain, it also help you sleep better. Many people with insomnia have used it as a replacement for Ambien.
  • Best of all? It’s natural. GABA is is a non-essential amino acid found mainly in the human brain and eyes.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out this review of GABA on Amazon:

[quote]I have had a problem turning off my mind when it’s time to go to sleep. The sleep I did get was broken and with two little ones running me ragged and working full-time I average 4-6 hours of sleep each night. I also suffer from depression but have not wanted to take prescription medication for health reasons. This product was recommended by a co-worker and I have to say it has worked wonders for me. I take one each night and though I only get 3-5 hrs of sleep it is good quality sleep and I am not dozing at work anymore. My depression and anxiety issues have lessened dramatically and I find I am not a screaming maniac with my kids as I was when I was exhausted. I stopped taking the GABA for a week and noticed a huge difference in my temper and anxiety. I need a t-shirt that says . . . “Have you had your GABA today?”[/quote]

I even gave my girlfriend GABA after she had a stressful day (and she never takes any of my crazy supplements). She said that she was able to sleep like a rock, but still felt amazing the next day.

So…have you had your GABA today?


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