The secret to being likable from Will Ferrell

I love Will Ferrell, he’s hilarious. Let me introduce you to one of his techniques that I learned in improv training and Will uses all the time.

It’s the “Yes, and…” secret. It’s the secret used by many comedians, politicians and CEO’s. The premise is simple, you always agree with what’s being said and build on it. Here’s a great example from Will Ferrell that I saw this morning:

TV Reporter: “Are you kissing lots of babies over there?”

Will: “Yes, and…I’ve been kissing a lot more than babies!”

This does a couple of things:

  • It keeps the energy going. There’s no odd breaks. Who knows if Will Ferrell was actually kissing babies? He probably wasn’t, but he knew he’d get a bigger laugh going with it.
  • It’s shows that you’re agreeable and people want to continue talking. It doesn’t take the spotlight away from the other people.
  • It encourages the person you’re talking to ask more questions. They are a lot more likely to want to continue the conversation. No one wants to talk to someone who disagrees with them all the time.
Now that I’ve pointed it out, has someone used the “Yes, and…” technique on you?



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