What I love: Dollar Shave Club

I love things that disrupt a major product or service. I love saving money. So, Dollar Shave Club was perfect match for me to try out.

Take these Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors. They are $28 for eight razors. $3.50 a piece. CRAZY expensive.

With the Dollar Shave Club, you can get razors for as little as $1/month. Yes, you read that correctly – $1/month. I’ve actually upgraded to the Executive Blades, which work out to be about $2.50/blade or about $9/month. Much more reasonable than crazy Gillette Razors with vibrators or diamonds built-in. Dollar Shave Club even automatically sends you new razors every month.

My review on the Dollar Shave Club razors? I like them better than Gillette’s. If you’re anything like me and get razor bumps on your face, I recommend getting a product like Bump Patrol, to go along with the razors.┬áIt helps with pesky ingrown hairs.

Bonus points for the Dollar Shave Club for a killer introduction video.

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