What I’m getting my Dad for Father’s Day…and you should, too. Lumosity.

For this Father’s Day, I’m getting my dad Lumosity – a service that improves brain health and performance. Why would I do such a thing? The main reason is that my family has recently gone through some really tough stuff that involves dementia. Dementia is disease of the brain. Studies have shown that brain games (like Lumosity) can help you avoid Alzheimer’s. Dementia is the most common form of Alzheimer’s. What does Lumosity do?

  • You take a basic assessment of what you would like to improve on. Lumosity focuses on these areas: Speed, Memory, Problem Solving, Flexibility and Attention.
  • After 40 Days of “Basic Training” you can enroll in additional courses, such as “attention boost,” “speed boost” and “peak performance.”
  • I’ve heard before that creativity is simply connecting the dots. I really feel that using a program like Lumosity really helps with my creativity by working out my brain.
  • Just like any muscle in the body, the brain needs to work out. The more you train it, the better it performs.
  • Lumosity has performed several studies to show how it helps with different aspects cognition. Study after study showed how it was possible to improve brain function with training.

Lumosity measures your progress with a score called BPI (Brain Performance Index). Some of equated this to a bit like your IQ. Here’s how my BPI has increased over the past couple of weeks:

My BPI Score

It also allows you to break down your BPI by other Lumosity users around your age. Here how mine looks:

I found it very interesting that I was in the middle, with the exception of flexibility  – which is where I was VERY high. No surprise, my Attention is low (SQUIRREL!!!). Problem Solving was also low, but I think I know why – those games are mostly math problems. I HATE math and my attention goes away when a math problem jumps on the screen. I’m not making excuses, but I think they are very related.

I, personally, think dementia and Alzheimer’s are some of the worst things to suffer from. I feel like Lumosity has made a huge difference in the way my brain works and I’d encourage you to test it out.

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