What I’m testing right now: Dream:On App

As new technological advances and medical findings come along, I’ll be posting things that I’m testing (mostly so you won’t have to).

Over the next week or so, I’ll be testing out this brand new iPhone App: Dream:On. This app has some very big promises:

Do you want to create your perfect dream? Perhaps you would like to dream about taking a relaxing stroll through the countryside, being able to fly, or lying on a sun drenched beach? Would you like to wake up feeling refreshed and happy? Then Dream:ON.

I’ve been on the quest to control my dreams. If you’re dreaming, you’re most likely in REM sleep, the deepest form of sleep. If you can have more dreams (and even control them), you’ll sleep better. I’ve tested supplements and sleep devices (like the Zeo).

One of the coolest things about this app is that it will anonymously send feedback to Dream:On, so they can approve the app. Brilliant.

Keep an eye out as I update you on how this app works.

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